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This is true

It is unforgettable.


It is unparalleled.


And it is found every day at Old Trail School.

deep within.

An early childhood teacher interacts with a student in class.
A middle school student plays the violin at a school assembly.
Grade 4 students at Indigo Lake examining water in science class.
Middle School science students experimenting in chemistry class.

Welcome to Old Trail School

Where closer relationships and deeper learning experiences take children farther.

This place and these years form the foundation for everything to come—a foundation of academic success and high character that makes anything possible for your child.

Through valued relationships between teachers and students and meaningful, engaging experiences, Old Trail School opens children to the full wonder of learning. Every programmatic and curricular decision we make is guided by what we know about children and backed by the latest research in child development.

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Intermediate Science students explore Indigo Lake.
Two Primary School students read a book together.

The importance of EC-8

These years change everything.

The time to invest in your child’s education is from the early stages of development through preadolescence, when their cognitive, social and physical growth happens most rapidly. At Old Trail, age-appropriate academic challenge begins at age 2 and progresses through Grade 8 when it matters most.

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Educating The Whole Child

Happy children learn better.

A whole-child approach to education yields healthy social-emotional and physical development, creativity, kindness and academic achievement. At Old Trail, a comprehensive view of each child ensures children are happy, engaged and successful.

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Two Primary School children play on the playgound
A student completes a math problem on the whitebaord.

Known and Cared For

The best teachers have the biggest hearts.

When it comes to academic potential, the most important factor in a child’s success is the quality of their teacher. Our 8:1 student–teacher ratio allows teachers to know each child and how far they can go.

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Location and Resources

Growth must take place inside and out.

The environment surrounding a child has a great effect on their capacity to learn and grow. Our location on 62 acres in a national park provides unparalleled learning opportunities and a tranquil setting in which to grow.

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Middle School students hiking the Buckeye Trail.
Primary School students learn how to swim in the pool.