Old Trail School was founded in 1920 when a group of parents created a School that focused on individual learning styles and skills based on the Dewey and Montessori educational philosophies – philosophies that still impact our thinking about best practices for quality teaching.
By 1925, the School had grown to 57 students and moved into a rented building in West Akron followed by a custom-built Tudor building on Covington Road in Fairlawn. In 1967, the School moved its 250 students to our present location in Bath Township. New classroom buildings, a swimming pool, an administration building and athletic facilities and playing fields were constructed.
In 1980, the Board of Trustees decided to make room for the expanding Lower School by closing the Upper School. Since then a variety of expansion projects has created new classrooms, a library, computer and science labs, physical education areas, fine arts studios, a performing arts stage, a Living Classroom, playing fields, organic farm and additional administrative offices.
Today, Old Trail School has more than 475 students in Early Childhood Programs through Grade 8. We enjoy healthy enrollment, supportive families and a vibrant faculty. We are the 19th largest Early Childhood through Grade 8 school in the United States and the ONLY independent school located in a National Park.

Old Trail School Alma Mater
Nestled in the hills of Ira, reared against the sky,
Stands the school we love so dearly with its aim so high,
Through the halls our voices singing fondly sound the name,
Hail Old Trail our spirits bringing honor, glory, fame.
Chorus: Alma Mater, Alma Mater, glorious and true,
we sing Old Trail to you.
Our Alma Mater.
Echo hills with sounds of laughter, we shall always be
children searching for the answers, learning to be free.
Light the fires of knowledge and let our spirits glow.
Pass the torch of green and white, onward we must go!
Old Trail School is a private day school for preschool through grade eight students located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.