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OTS Students Act Locally, Think Globally

OTS Students Act Locally, Think Globally

Last spring, Intermediate School students raised more than $4,700 through Project 345, Old Trail School’s new cross-curricular, social entrepreneurship program that blends elements of global citizenship with business management and financial literacy. 

The funds, which students raised by selling handmade items at their own marketplace, were donated to buildOn—an NGO committed to enhancing literacy through the creation of schools in developing nations worldwide. OTS was excited to learn this month that the school in rural Guatemala that received funding from OTS recently completed construction, giving 56 local children an adequate structure in which to learn and grow. 

We are grateful for our partnership with buildOn and the reimagined Project 345, which collectively offers Intermediate School students an unforgettable, experience-driven lesson that extends beyond our campus. 

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