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Faculty Feature: Alicia Horn

Faculty Feature: Alicia Horn

Alicia Horn’s passion for teaching mathematics ignites an exciting, experiential journey for our middle school students.

Ms. Horn’s journey into 14 years of teaching math was born from a lifelong love of learning. From her early days crafting worksheets for stuffed animals to her pivotal college realization that engineering wasn't her destined path, Ms. Horn discovered her calling lay in math education. Inspired by the passionate teachers she encountered, she cherishes the chance to be a guiding light in her OTS students' lives.

“It's the gift of a lifetime to follow in their footsteps and to be a similar voice in the lives of young people,” Ms. Horn says. “Not to mention, teaching math is an absolute blast!”

Ms. Horn champions active learning, infusing her classes with hands-on activities and real-world applications, aiming to banish the stigma often attached to higher-level math. You often see her students up and moving, solving problems in marker on the windows or building 3D models of their studies. Witnessing her students' growth in resilience and confidence as they tackle intricate mathematical concepts is her ultimate reward.

“Showing students that math is creative, engaging, and relevant is my main educational objective,” she says. “I’m so thankful that OTS encourages me to create a dynamic and active learning environment in the middle school math classroom.”

Beyond her love of math, Ms. Horn’s vibrant personality shines through her hobbies. She loves Super Mario video games, and her life goal is to read everything ever written by her two favorite authors—Charles Dickens and C.S. Lewis! 

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