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Faculty Feature: Clare McGowan

Faculty Feature: Clare McGowan

With an impressive 23 years of teaching experience, Clare McGowan has made an unforgettable mark on the education of numerous Old Trail graduates. She is currently the Learning Services teacher for Grades 1-3 and taught third grade at OTS for many years before that.

“Clare is a dedicated and passionate teacher and person,” said Grade 3 Teacher Alyssa Louie. “She cares deeply for the students she sees and looks for ways to support them and her colleagues. She looks for innovative ways to reach learners and isn't afraid to try something new if it will benefit them.”

A portrait of Clare McGowan.

Clare's journey into teaching was inspired by her grandmother's legacy as an educator, and her passion for working with children has only grown stronger over the years. As a parent of an OTS alum, Clare has experienced the impact of an Old Trail education firsthand, and she's proud to give back every day.

“I have always treasured the freedom to employ best practices to meet the needs of all my students,” said Mrs. McGowan. “I love this community and have developed lifelong friendships with my colleagues and the families of my students.”

Outside her classroom, you'll find Mrs. McGowan embracing her love for water every summer at her Lakeside cottage on the shores of Lake Erie. Whether it's swimming, rowing or sailing—water is truly her element!

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