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Faculty Feature: Kathleen Marsicano

Faculty Feature: Kathleen Marsicano


Our latest faculty feature honors Old Trail teacher Kathleen Marsicano, a true example of how deeper learning and closer relationships take our students farther.

Ms. Marsicano teaches Middle School science, outdoor education and ECP nature. She brings the wonders of our unique surroundings into her classroom, making science a meaningful adventure for her students.

“Kathleen has created the Grade 6 science curriculum to fully engage students in our beautiful campus and the CVNP.” — Margi Gilbert, Middle School Science Teacher

Kathleen attributes her experiential teaching style to the incredible science teachers who made learning both interesting and fun during her own education. “I love being able to incorporate the natural world around the school into my classes and the enthusiastic students,” she says.

Ms. Marsicano's impact extends well beyond her students, as she also inspires her fellow educators. 

“Her students get dirty, they do labs, they hypothesize, they experiment, they make observations...they go outside rain or shine. She is a true teacher...and she has the most patience of any teacher I've ever met.” — Carrie Brown, Middle School Social Studies Teacher

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