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Middle School Student Launches Shoe Drive

Middle School Student Launches Shoe Drive

The Heart and Sole shoe drive is underway at Old Trail!

Throughout the month of February, all new or gently used shoes donated to the school will be distributed to children through the Family Resource Centers at Akron Public Schools. The drive is a personal project of Carson Worley '25, who started the program last year.

"Many of us could never imagine what life would be like if we didn't have a decent pair of shoes, but many kids in the local Akron area don't have them," Carson said. "For some kids, a dream can start with one pair of athletic shoes. If they have the right shoes, they can help protect their feet so they can walk, run and play better. A nice pair of shoes could also help their confidence as some kids can be made fun of for their shoes."

Carson's goal is to collect 200 pairs of shoes this year. New and gently worn shoes may be placed in the "Be A Better Buffalo" donation bins in the main lobbies of campus this month. As an added incentive, for each pair of shoes donated, students will receive a Heart and Soul bracelet from their child's homeroom teacher.

We are proud of Carson's initiative and desire to help others. Let's help him reach his goal this month!

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