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Middle School Students Shine in "30 Reasons Not to Be in a Play"

Middle School Students Shine in "30 Reasons Not to Be in a Play"

Bravo to our Middle Schoolers for their production of this year's Fall Play, "30 Reasons NOT to Be in a Play!" The performance hilariously highlighted the chaos that ensues in the world of theater, showcasing all of the horrors and hardships that befall those who feel the call of the stage. Our students' interpretations of theatrical disasters—stage fright, embarrassing parents and awkward cast parties—had the audience laughing the whole time.

30 Reasons NOT to Be in a Play

"I have been so, so proud to know each and every one of these students and watch their constant growth. They have only had a short amount of time to prepare this production, but they have taken that in stride and come to every rehearsal ready and excited to work. I have been blown away since the beginning of class by their drive, ambition, and enthusiasm. I am beyond lucky to get to work with them all." —Ms. Voltz, Theater Teacher

Congratulations to our young OTS actors on a brilliant show! Photos from the production can be seen here


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