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Middle School Students to Travel to Italy in July 2024

Middle School Students to Travel to Italy in July 2024

Old Trail’s Center for Global Understanding officially announced the launch of a new Middle School experiential program abroad to Abruzzo, Italy. Abruzzo is home to the Adriatic coastline and the Apennine Mountains and is covered with national parks that protect Italy’s rugged interior.

The students will base themselves in Atri, Abruzzo, for the majority of the program. Atri is a small, historic, quintessential Italian city. It is also the setting of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s The Bell of Atri

Led by Ronald Teunissen van Manen, Kathleen Marsicano and Erik Korvne, the program will allow 12-14 students to not only become a part of a small Italian city but also explore the Italian national park system, meet and engage in conversation with park rangers and biologists about the protection of the natural world and endangered species, and use the knowledge and skills they have learned and developed in their science courses at Old Trail. In addition, students will meet with many locals, learn about Abruzzo food and cooking, hike, swim, interact with Italian students their own age, converse with the mayor of Atri, and visit one of the modern world’s most exhilarating cities – Rome. Reflection and conversation will occur throughout this program, and students will develop global competency skills and attributes as they begin to understand what life in Abruzzo is like. 

Food is an integral part of this program and participating students must have an open mind and a willingness to understand another culture through food. Additionally, please note that Old Trail prohibits the use of electronic devices abroad. Like all Old Trail programs abroad, participating students will enroll in a third-trimester elective course to prepare them for the experience. 

We are excited to offer OTS students this incredible opportunity to visit one of Italy’s most culturally and environmentally rich regions! All middle school students are eligible to apply when the application window opens on November 30. Financial aid will be available to families who qualify. Please contact Joe Vogel with specific questions. 

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