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Strategic Planning

From Head of School Sarah Johnston: 

"We are proud of the work we've done to establish Old Trail as a leader in the educational landscape and a premier destination for families across Northeast Ohio. 

Our objective is not to re-invent and become a school that does not flow directly from our DNA but rather build upon our strengths and our inherent attributes to create a school that is distinctly Old Trail. We will reject complacency and embrace a culture of discipline around knowing and caring for our students as well as providing them with a joyful learning experience that prepares them for their next chapter in education and life." 


1. Create a cohesive, consistent and distinctive Old Trail experience. 
2. Raise global citizens ready to be nimble, empathetic and resilient in a complex world. 
3. Dedicate to a sustainable future for Old Trail School. 

2022-25 Strategic Plan

OTS Head of School Sarah Johnston