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Strategic Planning

An arial photo of campus

From Head of School Sarah Johnston: 

"The Old Trail School Strategic Plan is focused on not only who we will be in the next 100 years but where we came from and what we can do uniquely well. We considered our identity and our place in the community. We are distinct and have opportunities that no other school in our region does. This plan helps us capitalize on those opportunities.

"Our objective is not to re-invent and become a school that does not flow directly from our DNA but rather build upon our strengths and our inherent attributes to create a school that is distinctly Old Trail. We will reject complacency and embrace a culture of discipline around knowing and caring for our students as well as providing them with a joyful learning experience that prepares them for their next chapter in education and life." 


•   Goal 1 - Distinctive Culture
•   Goal 2 - Transformative Student Experience
•   Goal 3 - Teaching Excellence
•   Goal 4 - Sustainable Future


2018-21 Strategic Plan

OTS Strategic Plan Cover: 2018
OTS Head of School Sarah Johnston