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Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle School students leading Community Assemby.

Old Trail Middle School students thrive in an environment they trust.

An NYU study indicates that students in K–8 environments perform better academically than those in solely middle school environments. Furthermore, graduates of K–8 models earn higher secondary school GPAs than their peers matriculating from standalone middle schools.
As Old Trail students transition into the uncertainty of adolescence, they are free to learn and be themselves in a place that feels familiar, alongside faculty members and friends they trust. They achieve more because they view themselves as leaders of the school and take that responsibility seriously.

Experience and reflection yield growth. 

Growth requires the utmost care and plenty of space.

Indoors and out, our teachers thoughtfully present meaningful experiences that immerse children in the material, and then encourage them to reflect on what they’ve learned. In every team activity or independent research project, the goal remains the same: preparing your child for success in high school or private secondary school, college and life.

We ensure every child has a positive and unforgettable middle school experience. Our students thrive in a community in which every individual is valued and respected. Students take control of their education as they fuel their passions and find creative ways to express their ideas. Some hallmarks of the Middle School experience include:

  • 15 elective courses, including Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Global Explorers and more
  • Weekly speeches in front of classmates in seventh grade
  • Small-group and one-on-one meetings with a dedicated advisor
  • 11 interscholastic athletic teams
  • Community music competitions at Ohio Music Education Association events
A grade 8 student delivers the featured address at graduation.
Leaders Prepared to Go Farther

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, the skills most lacking in the workplace are problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity. These qualities are what we do best.

Old Trail provided the educational foundation for my children's intellectual development, their character as adults, their open-mindedness and curiosity about the world, their understanding of their role as citizens of the U.S. and of the world, and their subsequent success in life.  Old Trail provided the education to my children that I wish for all children.

Karen Beckwith, Alumni Parent

Middle School students in art class.

Overview and Philosophy

Middle School students experience their transitional adolescent years in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment.

Learning comes best when students own it, and we gently but surely transition that ownership to your child’s shoulders.
Early adolescents perform best when given the opportunity to engage, interpret, question and reflect upon their world. Each of our courses provides students with the chance to develop these critical competencies in collaborative and creative ways. Students have an active and primary role in their own education, and our faculty strives to develop and align appropriately challenging curricula. There are numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary projects and approaches as students explore their newly discovered potential.

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Middle School Curriculum