Healthy Eating

When children are engaged in the production of food - growing, harvesting, and preparing - they are more likely to eat and enjoy the food.  These seed to table experiences enable students to become stewards of the environment, their communities, and their personal lives.  They become empowered in the garden and the kitchen by learning to grow, prepare, and share delicious food, leading them to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

Throughout the year, students have opportunities to work in the garden, preparing beds, pulling weeds, planting and harvesting crops, applying mulch and compost, testing the soil, and learning how to use specific tools.  Old Trail manages three honeybee colonies, so students learn about the importance of bees to our food supply.  Some children wear protective suits to inspect hives and help to harvest the honey.  Inside, students learn basic cooking skills during kitchen lessons that are directly related to specific subject areas.  

Lessons about energy, weather cycles, the food system, nutrition, percentages and proportions, and so much more all come to life with hands-on lessons outdoors in the garden and indoors in the kitchen.
Old Trail School is a private day school for preschool through grade eight students located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.