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A Culture of Giving

Throughout its history, Old Trail School has been sustained by generous gifts from generations of families, alumni, faculty and friends in the pursuit of excellence. 

During the first years following the school's creation in 1920, Dr. William A. Parks, one of Old Trail's two founders, often walked door-to-door to raise money and teachers agreed to reduced pay or went without pay on occasion to ensure the school's survival.

These remarkable sacrifices set a powerful example, one that has been repeated over and over throughout the school's history, and created a culture of giving at Old Trail.

It is because of the contributions of so many that the school's unwavering dedication to high academic standards, experiential learning and commitment to the whole child has remained the foundation of the Old Trail experience more than 100 years later.

Time and again, committed stakeholders—including parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of the school—have been united by a shared purpose of developing intellectually curious, independent thinking students who emerge with a passion for discovery, critical thinking and collaborative learning. 

We give to The OTS fund to ensure children for years to come can learn and grow in an environment where curiosity is celebrated and possibilities are endless. 

Suzanne and Colin Kinney, P'22, '25

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Michelle Schaeffer

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Joe Vogel

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