Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - It’s Elementary

More and more, business leaders, employers, educators, entrepreneurs, and others are focusing their attention on individuals who received an education with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 
This education/training is imperative to meet the demands of business, as the economy around us becomes increasingly more complex and technology-driven.
Young children are natural scientists, exploring their surroundings in the way they know best: actively touching, tasting, creating, and building to understand the world in which they live. While Old Trail School is not a formally designated STEM school, our approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics is grounded in research-based practice, design thinking, integrated teaching, and personalized learning opportunities that support cognitive development, academic achievement, and personal growth. Our students and teachers view STEM as being seamlessly woven into all aspects of the Old Trail School day.
Click here to read the full article written by Jennifer L. Milam, Ph.D., Old Trail School’s Director of Curriculum and Instructional Innovation.
Old Trail School is an independent day school (toddler through grade eight) located in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.