Applied Science Lesson Takes Grade 7 Students to the Forest

Grade 7 science students have been fully immersed in an annual observation activity we like to call Seaton Watch this week.
"Our department really strives to provide an applied science curriculum where we provide students opportunities to work as scientists," said Mr. Brown. "In seventh grade, our theme is Advanced systems and we begin the year with a focus on Ecosystems. Therefore, our students must take on the role of naturalists and study, record and assess the health of the nature around them."

To help prepare them for this role, students journeyed into the woods on campus for 20 minutes of quiet observation. Equipped with a pencil, paper, and an ipad to take photos, they were asked to use their senses to narrow their focus to a few areas around them. They then produced a sketch and a supporting written expression to share with their peers.

"The goal is to get very detailed observations both through imagery and words that can represent their experience," Mr. Brown continued. "In this way, they can join the ranks of other important naturalists like Darwin and Audubon."

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