Class of 2020 Spotlight: Wynter G.

To recognize the Old Trail Class of 2020, we will be showcasing Grade 8 students on our website and social media over the next several weeks. Today's spotlight is Wynter G.
Wynter has been at OTS for five years and will be attending Archbishop Hoban in the fall. She plans to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry, already has an idea for a short film and will miss the people of Old Trail the most when she graduates.   

We asked her to reflect back on her time at OTS. Here are her responses:

What do your future plans include? Where do you expect to be in 10 years?
I hope to have just graduated from UCLA with a major in filmmaking and minor in photography. I then hope to have an internship with a major film company while in graduate school. I also plan on building on a short film idea I have right now and making it into a movie, I also plan on doing some travel photography here and there.

What is your favorite Old Trail memory?
One of my favorite memories at OTS is going to Mr. Eason’s class every day during study hall with the previous 8th graders and some of my friends last year.

What will you miss most about Old Trail School?
What I will miss most about OTS is seeing and being around some of the best people on earth.

What advice would you give younger students at Old Trail?
I would tell younger students that even if there are some bumps on the road, don’t think about it too much. You will get past them, because if you choose to constantly think about them then it can prevent you from making memories that will last you a lifetime. You're only in this stage of your life for a short time, so enjoy every moment – especially at OTS.

Old Trail School is an independent day school (toddler through grade eight) located in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.