Grade 4 Students Build Lab Skills in Hands-On Science Activity

At Old Trail, teaching children courage is a daily practice. Speaking in front of the class, trying a new sport or performing a solo on stage are some ways students learn to overcome fears, difficulty or opposition and develop skills that will serve them well into young adulthood and beyond. 
For some, last week's Intermediate School Science Lab definitely fell into this category! As part of their unit on light, Grade 4 students participated in a cow eye dissection.

"The cow eye dissection is a signature lab in our fourth grade science program," said Intermediate School Science Teacher Lynn Gregor. "Students learn that light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and its behavior as both a particle and a wave make it interesting to study. Students experiment to learn about the reflection and refraction of light."

The examination of the cow eye is used because it's quite similar to the human eye in terms of structure. 
Performing a dissection is a key part of the Intermediate School student's education and skill development in science at Old Trail. During their academic journey, they will go on to do numerous other dissections in middle school science.

In addition to getting children outside of their comfort zones, the cow eye dissection provides an opportunity for them to build laboratory skills while making a direct connection to our science curriculum.
Old Trail School is a private day school for preschool through grade eight students located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.