It's All about Reflecting

It's all about reflecting in various grade levels right now! 
Early Childhood Program students have been working on their first self-portraits. These students draw a new self-portrait every month - it's incredible to see the change throughout the year! Students used mirrors to look at themselves and realized that they all have similar features, but they're all very unique as well.

Grade 5 students have been working on contour drawings in Visual Arts, and some students took the extra challenge of trying blind contour drawing. The goal is to focus on using their eyes to observe rather than relying on memory.

Grade 7 students are working on self-portraits in Visual Arts and putting them on acetate paper. Students are using a variety of mediums for their work - these pieces are eye-catching when they're finished!
Old Trail School is an independent day school (toddler through grade eight) located in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.